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I love books. Am trying this website out after hearing about the mass exodus out of Goodreads.

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Jane Austen
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
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Kelly's Chance (Brides of Lehigh Canal) - Wanda E Brunstetter I won this, so 'yay' for that.

Honestly though, I didn't really enjoy it all that much though... Sorry! but it was sorta boring...

EDIT: Re-read it. Here's the skinny on why I didn't think much of this book:

The author did the whole "told, not shown" bit. I was TOLD Kelly and Mike liked each other. I was TOLD that her dad was mean and didn't think much of her painting. I was TOLD of the 'annoyingness' of that other girl. I wasn't SHOWN anything. There was not enough description, I think. Fleshing out how or why or who did what. That is what is missing, in my opinion.